Business Cooperation


We are the promotion team of NewCraftDay. We are very grateful to all the customers and influencers for their support and love for our store. They have accompanied us through the initial year. Our growth is not fast enough, our products can be better, and our team is still We need more people to join, our store depends on you to help us promote.

So from now on, our team will start to face YouTube on a large scale, and Tik Tok is looking for your cooperation. No matter whether we have cooperated before or not, as long as you are willing to make good videos with us and share your favorite handicrafts, you are welcome. You can come to find us, we look forward to cooperating with you, even if you are a novice, we are willing to give you a chance, those who are interested can contact our official cooperation email:, as long as we receive your email, we will definitely Give you a reply, we can communicate in the mailbox for the detailed cooperation situation, and look forward to your joining.

In 2023, a new Tik Tok cooperation line has also been opened. Interested Tik Tok influencers are welcome to

You can watch a video of how we collaborate on YouTube!  

Newcraftday Team