Customed Diamond Painting (Choose Suitable Size→Choose your photo→Payment)

Shape : Round Drill
Size : 30*30
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Mainly we take?7-15?days to finish design of your custom diamond painting,and the shipping time need another?7-25?days.
Choose a larger size (at least 40cm across) to guarantee the best result
Send your photo and we will design a diamond painting!

Please read the following before purchasing:
The larger the size chosen, the more it will resemble your original image. We recommend larger sizes for pictures with people in them. If the faces are far away, you will need a larger size!
Please choose a suitable canvas size according to the size of the image. If the size does not match, your image will be cropped and/or resized to fit the canvas size you selected! Before proceeding, we may seek your feedback.
Optimized color correction--sometimes, unexpected colors may appear in your diamond. When converted to a diamond painting, the black areas in the photo may contain shades of green or brown. We will do our best to reserve color codes for your paintings to maintain color fidelity.
Due to chromatic aberration, there may be slight chromatic aberration in the final result. In order to have higher fidelity to the original photo, we recommend using a larger size.
If you are not sure about your photo, please send it via chat or email to We will respond to suggestions within 12 hours.


Do not change the quantity in your cart!?Only submit one photo per custom painting. If you would like to order more, please repeat the process and create a separate order.

If you select a canvas size that is incompatible with your photo, we may crop your photo to fit.?

For our custom diamond painting,we would not accept any refund and return!!!