Diamond Painting Random Mystery Gift Box

Type : 5pcs
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For the three levels, the difference lies in the number of products in the blind box. The 5pcs blind box is very exciting, but the bigger the blind box will naturally be more surprises, see if you can get your favorite products. Diamond paintings with any pattern are all It may be given to you, there is always one that can attract your heart.

【5pcs Mystery Gift】 【10pcs Mystery Gift】 【20pcs Mystery Gift】

【Small Suggestions on Selection! 】

1. When you are not sure about the quantity, just choose 5pcs as a novice.
2. If you are already a diamond painting lover, then you can choose 10pcs, because you can choose to share this quantity and complete all by yourself.
3. If there are a group of friends around you who love diamond paintings, then do not hesitate to take 20pcs and share them with everyone.

【Are you lucky? 】

The products (diamond paintings) in our mystery gift box are all individually packaged. Pattern and size are chosen randomly, but usually 30x40cm/35x35cm/30x30cm. Of course, if you are lucky, you may receive a larger size 40x50cm/40x40cm/50x50cm.

【Life Needs Surprises】

When our life is boring, we need some mystery, some surprises. At this time, a mysterious blind box diamond painting is the best gift for yourself.

【High Definition Printed Canvas】

Our diamond painting canvas is thickened and waterproof. The symbols are clear and the colors are easy to distinguish. When you get it, it will be covered with plastic wrap or a protective layer (to keep it sticky). Do not tear off this layer of plastic film all at once. Instead, slowly peel away the plastic during the design process.

【DIY Life Education, Relax Yourself】

DIY diamond painting can experience a sense of accomplishment, learn to reduce stress, regulate emotions, enhance self-confidence and perseverance, cultivate patience, suitable for the elderly and children. Completing DIY is a process of constantly adjusting yourself and sharing happy moments with family or friends. When you complete this diamond painting with your child, it will be promoted as an educational parent-child collaboration.

Reminder: Products at different price points are different. Package contains essential tools.