How To Improve The Comfort In The Process Of Making Diamond Paintings

Although experienced diamond painting enthusiasts find that buying a diamond painting art kit on any website contains everything they need. But how to improve the sense of ease and fun in the production process is worthy of many people's understanding.
In this article, the newcraftday website will briefly propose two small methods that may be helpful to you.
1. Eliminate the rubbish around you.
For those who are in contact with the diamond painting kit, at some point, you may have completed a range of canvas production, but when you see the surroundings of the canvas, you will feel disorganized. When you have multiple canvases and tools, the problem will become more serious. Therefore, keeping a clean and tidy studio can make it easier for you to carry out the crafting process you are engaged in.
Clearing all trash is a quick and easy way. Even if you don’t have a lot of trash around, there may be at least some waste and old, unnecessary supplies that you can throw into the wastebasket. Dilapidated drill pens, used glue, and broken and incomplete tools are discarded. Get rid of damaged things and allow yourself to invest in new, fully functional tools and supplies.
2. Investment production tools.
The most common rubbish in the process of making a diamond canvas is the diamond painting beads. A pack of diamond painting beads may have extra diamond painting beads, and diamond beads with incomplete shapes,these small beads are most likely to damage the cleanliness of the work area. Diamond bead storage bags and diamond bead storage boxes are good storage tools.
Each small box can be used to hold different types of diamond beads, but please be sure to put a label on each box so that you can find it accurately ,the supplies you need, such tools can be recycled.
In the creative process, improper operation may cause the diamond beads to be scattered. Picking up the scattered diamond beads by hand may be time-consuming.
The diamond bead cleaner, just turn on the switch, hold down and move, to help you organize the diamonds after the diamond painting is completed, easily pick up the scattered diamonds, help you clean the table effectively, save you a lot of time, and bring you a lot of convenience .
The most important thing to make a diamond canvas is the point drill pen and clay. These tools help you complete the point drill. However, the quality of these tools is not enough to support long-term use in the future, and the frequently generated garbage will hardly drive you to discard them frequently. Therefore, buying a special drill pen and clay to improve the ease of use of tools will make you more enthusiastic about this craft. There are a variety of drill pens on the newcraftday website, which bring different uses. Choose what you like and is suitable, so that you can use it for a long time.
To improve the brightness of the work area, good lighting is essential. Sunlight or ceiling lights are good, but LED light pads are even better. The dimmable light pad is a great addition to your diamond painting workstation. This tool is especially popular with artisans who want to minimize eye fatigue or don’t have enough light to easily find the diamond and match it to the DMC coded part of the canvas our favorite. The light pad is equipped with a standard USB cable, which can be plugged into any USB port, and has three brightness levels so that you can adjust it to your liking.
After the diamond painting is completed, you need to make sure that all the diamond beads on the diamond painting kit are completely fixed on the canvas, so that the canvas can maintain its original appearance for a long time. To do this, use a rolling pin to gently roll on the finished product. This action will push out any bubbles and press the diamond on the canvas to obtain a firm grip and consistent finish. If you want to invest more in the diamond painting process, you can choose to buy a special wooden roller brush or rubber roller brush.
When you embark on a diamond painting journey, We hope that the above suggestions and techniques can help you improve the ease of making diamond paintings. When you browse the diamond art kit and choose your next complete diamond painting, also consider which tools you can take your newly discovered hobby to a new level.