Learn about diamond painting

What is a diamond painting
Diamond painting also called diamond embroidery or diamond cross-stitch. Combining the exquisite and shining artificial crystal with the well-designed pattern, the painter only needs to stick the diamond extracted by the point drill tool to the corresponding symbol on the canvas, thus completing the pasting of a diamond, and then slowly fill in the area corresponding to each symbol, create a sparkling diamond artwork.
Types of diamond paintings
Diamond paintings can be divided into round drill, square drill and special drill.
Round drill are easier to apply correctly on the canvas because they have no edges, which provide a little leeway when placing the diamond on the corresponding symbol on the sticky canvas. For beginners, round drill are more suitable for them to start diamond painting production. Although there are smile gaps between round drill, the overall effect is luminous, even more shiny than square drill.
The square drill is usually the shape chosen by experienced diamond painters. Because the corners are straight, each diamond needs to be perfectly aligned when pasted on the canvas. Stones placed at a slightly off angle may affect the placement of other diamonds.
But the finished diamond painting made with square drill is a polished seamless mosaic, the color and the depth of the pattern are the same,the satisfaction of placing the gems in the right place is a pleasure that all diamond painting lovers know.
Special drill are colorful diamonds of different shapes.
There are many shapes represented by Special drill including oval, heart, and drop.
The colors are more diverse in appearance, and the production process is simpler
Each type of diamond painting can be divided into full drill and partial drill . Full drill means you fill the entire art board area with a diamond drill bit,partial drill means that part of the painting is preserved as a printed artwork, while diamond drilling is applied to the other parts of the painting.
Start diamond painting
Step1:Spread the canvas flat on a clean and flat surface, away from dusty areas (do not remove the plastic film layer covering the sticky canvas).
Step2:Determine the place you want to paste (preferably starting from the edge), pour the diamond corresponding to the place into the tray, shake it gently, and place the diamond with its flat side facing down.
Step3:Peel off a small part of the plastic film. Because there is an adhesive on the canvas, you only need to expose the part that needs to be pasted each time to keep the other parts clean and sticky.
Step4:Dip the tip of the drill pen into the wax pad, pick up the diamond from the tray with the sticky electric drill pen, and then press the flat surface of the diamond on the corresponding symbol on the canvas.
Step5:When you have completed a part of the diamond filling, you can cover it with a film, and press the rolling pin on the canvas with gems to roll, which can make the diamonds more firmly adhered.
After completing the filling of all the canvas symbols, you will get a complete diamond painting.
When you buy a diamond painting on the newcraftday website, the products include: point drill pen, tray, wax, diamonds bag.Purchasing other tools can make the diamond painting process easier, such as storage containers, light panels, magnifiers, and rollers.
Simple diamond painting does not require special skills or knowledge. You can easily complete the diamond painting without the help of anyone else.
Each diamond painting can be framed and hung at home or given as a gift.
Before starting diamond painting, understand its techniques, tools and terminology, so that you will fall in love with this craftsmanship more quickly.