Lamp - DIY Diamond Craft

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DIY Diamond Painting LED Light Christmas Tree Snowman Double-side Drill Night Light Arts Crafts Lamp Festival Xmas Home Decoration No Battery
Material: modeling lamp + resin special shaped drill
BJD01 19*13.5cm/7.48*5.31\'\'
BJD02 19*17cm/7.48*6.69\'\'
BJD03 19*12cm/7.48*4.72\'\'
BJD04 19*14cm/7.48*5.51\'\'
BJD05 17*14cm/6.69*5.51\'\'
BJD06 18*15cm/7.09*5.91\'\'
BJD07 17*13cm/6.69*5.12\'\'
BJD08 18*14cm/7.09*5.51\'\'
BJD09 29*14cm/11.42*5.51\'\'
BJD10 29*14cm/11.42*5.51\'\'
Light source: LED lamp bead
Power supply: 2 x AA Battery(Not Included)

Making steps of DIY diamond painting:
1. Open the packing box and check the special tools for diamond painting.
2. Check the color of resin diamonds and arrange them in coding order.
3. Uncover the tape chart above, and you will see many symbols corresponding to color coding.
4. Diamond is inlaid according to the resin corresponding to the corresponding color coding fixture.
5. It is suggested that a set of resin diamonds can be completed faster.
6. In order to make a perfect diamond painting, put the drawings in one place, and each line of symbols need not leave diamonds.
7. To cut a good figure on the drawing, please install the classification array on the plane of the above material.
8. The splicing needs to be smooth, neat and free of cracks.
9. After good hard work, the rest of the glue gap conforms to the symbol of diamond.

This is a DIY diamond painting, which is not finished. You need to finish it yourself.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:
1 X Lamp
1 Set X Drill Accessories (Drill, Drill Pen, Drill Mud, Drill Disc)